Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the College.

Parents and Carers who would like to become involved in any student-based activities, should complete the required SPX Volunteer Undertaking and Statement Form to register as a volunteer at the College.

This completed form is for College records and is stored securely with the Principal’s acknowledgement of your work done at the College. On completion, it should be returned to Ann Brady, the Principal’s Personal Assistant, for the Principal’s approval and College records.

As you may be aware, the Office of the Children’s Guardian has determined that Parents and Carers who are working as volunteers with teams/groups with which their child is associated, are exempt from a volunteer’s ‘Working With Children Check’ (WWCC).

However, if you are in a voluntary role where you are supervising students in a close capacity, or without a staff member working with you to perform your role, then you are requested to complete a WWCC application.
Any parents/carers working in the areas of the College Shop, 1:1 Mentoring/Student Coaching and the Canteen must have a completed a WWCC to work at the College. (Source)

This Application for a NSW Working With Children Check will provide you with a WWCC Number (via an email). This number, along with your D.O.B. details, should also be submitted to the Principal’s Personal Assistant – Mrs Ann Brady (abrady@stpiusx.nsw.edu.au) for us to verify as is required by law.

All volunteers should be aware of their responsibilities as a responsible adult around maintaining and ensuring child safe cultures, if you ever have any concerns or questions regarding our students’ well-being or welfare please contact the Principal or Deputy Principal at the College.

The required forms and an information sheet for volunteers can be found below.

Volunteering from parents and carers is so vital to our community in being able to provide a broad and rich experience for our students – we are truly appreciative of your time and efforts.