Where does religion fit into the College?

As a Catholic college under the charism of Edmund Rice, religion has a pre-eminent place. It is important academically, liturgically and spiritually. It underpins all we do. There is a clear expectation that every member of the College supports all the varied activities and endeavours in this domain.

How does the College perform in the HSC?

The College is very proud of its performance in the HSC over the last decade. Results in individual subjects are usually at least equal to state average but on most occasions are significantly above. In most years a significant proportion of students achieve ATARs above 90. There is an academic culture in the College that allows students to strive to achieve to the best of their ability. In most years the College produces students who achieve the Premier’s “all-rounders” award. Students have been chosen for the excellence of the HSC Music Performance, HSC Art Projects and HSC Design and Technology projects. There are opportunities for all to excel.

What time does school start and finish?

The Junior School and Senior School start at 8:42am. The Junior School finishes at 3pm. The Senior School is released at 3:15pm.

Does the College offer before or after school care?

No, formal playground supervision commences at 8:30am. There is no before or after school care.

Is there help for students struggling to get their homework done?

Yes, the Support Services teachers run “After School Study & Tutoring” in the Senior Resource Centre for Years 5 to 12 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15 – 4:30 pm from week 2 during term time up until the final yearly exams. Occasional cancellations will occur when this time clashes with Staff Meetings and other school activities.

Does the College hold excursions and camps?

Yes, all Year Groups hold camps and class excursions and all students are expected to participate.

What is the College’s stance on bullying?

We have a zero tolerance to bullying in all its forms. The College and its community is promoted as a safe and caring environment. We intervene to make the bully aware of his impact and assist him to explore, understand and modify his behaviour and we work with victims to raise their esteem and develop resilience.

Do the Junior School boys have a separate lunch time to the Seniors?

No, the Junior School runs to the Senior timetable. However the Junior School students have a separate playground area and slightly earlier access to the Canteen.

How do all the students fit into the playground areas at recess and lunchtime?

The simple answer is that they do all fit in. Furthermore, there are many games of handball going on at any time throughout the yard. There are many seats available for students to sit and chat. During recess and lunch there are often other activities too. There are some opportunities for boys in Years 7 and 8 to go to the local Beauchamp Oval for more activities under supervision of teachers and senior students. There are meetings in classrooms, games in the gymnasium or the sports pavilion and students go to the Library. Year 12 students are given the privilege of going off campus at lunchtime. The large number of students in a small area can and does have very positive outcomes. Students learn to share and to be considerate of each other.

What and where is the Oxford Falls Campus?

The Oxford Falls Campus is the College’s sporting and education complex situated in a beautiful bushland setting at Oxford Falls, a little over 15 minutes drive from the Chatswood campus. The campus incorporates the Treacy Centre and the Christian Brothers Centre and is where the College home games for many sports are played, usually on Saturdays.  Facilities include four playing fields, tennis courts, gymnasiums, canteens and conference rooms. The Junior School goes to the campus each Thursday for sport. All years travel to the campus for special reflection days, sport days, study skills days, training etc. Students are always bused back and forth.