The Canteen is open at recess and lunch five days a week and is staffed by volunteer parents/carers.


All volunteers are placed on a roster system which requires attendance every 5 weeks. Volunteering is a great way of meeting other parents, teachers and staff at St Pius X and nothing compares with the satisfying grin on a new boy’s face when Mum or Dad is on Canteen.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us on 9414 4301 (Canteen direct line).


The College uses the Flexischools Cashless Canteen system for online orders and parents can register to have an account linked to their son’s College ID card. Any technical difficulties should be directed straight to Flexischools.

Making online orders for school lunches is the preferred system however, lunches can still be ordered using the traditional lunch bag method before school. Items are available over the counter at recess and lunch using a Flexischool registered College ID card or with using cash.


Please direct any support requests direct to Flexischools.