Photographic, Video and Digital Images

Alex Regan 

The Wolf of Kirk Street 

Collaborative film project with Alex Regan, Freddie Johnston, Caleb Hanrahan and Jonathon Webster 

The Wolf of Kirk Street is a parody film inspired by the Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. As a group we took the best parts of the film and put our own spin on it by creating completely new scenes, adding onto the story and developing characters.  

We collaborated on this film throughout the whole production period whether it was writing and developing the script, acting, filming, or editing. All of us had an equal role to play to ensure we made the best possible production for our audience to enjoy, which is reflected in the film. 

Through the experience of filmmaking, we have gained a passion for producing films and thoroughly enjoy all the components involved. We have learned a lot about script writing, utilising different angles, lighting, directing, and acting and constantly try to improve our films every time we learn something new. Film making has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had at the college. 







Caleb Hanrahan and Jonathon Webster 


atonia: a deficiency of usual or expected tone in the muscles. a type of muscular immobility, called atonia, caused by the total relaxation of the muscles. 

‘atonia’ is a film that follows a drug addicted teen, Jaime, as he needs to come to terms with his feelings. On this specific night that the film takes place, Jaime experiences an overdose which alters him into a dream-like state, which ultimately turns into reality, and guides him through some painful times. 

We worked collaboratively on this project and were heavily inspired by HBO series ‘Euphoria’ and during the filmmaking looked back to it for reference. We knew going into the project that we wanted it to be an experimental film with many creative and experimental shots (e.g. the scene of Jaime sinking to the bottom of the water after falling to his bed). Our mood board consisted heavily of the ‘Euphoria’ colour palette and screenshots from scenes, which we later successfully appropriated this colour cast achieved in our film.  

Overall, we gained experience with experimental lighting and techniques to create tension, heavy tone and dark mood. This film is initially very bleak and at times very confronting, and we as filmmakers considered how this film may affect audiences. The film may make people feel uneasy and upset, but what we made sure to do was to pay respect to the people who truly struggle with drug addiction and mental illness. We hope that it will shine light on these issues for teenagers. Overall created a touching and emotional piece of work. We both are proud of film and the final product. 


Freddie Johnston 

Clapped Man 

The Clapped Man is a collaborative film made with Alex Regan and myself. It is a parody of The Batman (2022) and follows Batman trying to catch a serial killer known as The Riddler before he kills again.  

Clapped Man was a fun film to make because of the creative freedom we had making it as well as the people who were involved. Working with teachers and students alike with shooting and editing it was a great collaborative experience and a fun way to creatively work. 

We gained an understanding of how to create, edit and write movies through making these films. We’ve developed a better understanding of how to light, shoot and edit scenes as well as creating other elements like credits that are needed in filmmaking. It was a fantastic experience that is great for anyone passionate about films or anyone who likes practical work inside and outside of the classroom. 

Oliver Shahady and Robbie Sapuppo 

We collaborated on a series of projects during out Photographic and Digital Imaging course. 



Our movie is influenced by Telephones by Christian Marclay. His short film had characters from an large number of movies picking up a phone, talking and hanging up. We did something similar, collaging edited scenes of movies that follow an order of a plane taking off, flying and landing, and we added a crash scene.  

 The Experimentation 

In the darkroom we experimented with photograms (photographs made without negatives) and solarised photographs. We experimented with chemicals and light to get different results.  

 Spooky but Beauty 

These three photos are inspired by Christopher McKenney who creates dark and surreal photos in Photoshop. We began with a photoshoot and recreated our interpretations of McKenny’s work in photoshop to create images which challenge our idea of reality.