Design and Technology

Nicolas Arena 

Urban Swing Tennis Rebounder 

For my major work ‘Urban Swing’, I constructed a retractable tennis wall that enables me to play tennis in my backyard. I have played tennis since I was around 5 and whilst I had tennis coaching in primary school and early high school, I recently stopped playing tennis due to time and cost restraints. In 2020, I created a permanent tennis wall in my backyard, however, this project was too big and took up too much space, so I endeavoured to create a retractable design. My design features a roller blind spring for retraction and a waterproof housing to store the playing surface when not in use. 

Ruben Atamian 

Upon receiving my provisional licence this year, I wanted to have a bespoke way of displaying my P-plate on my vehicle. I designed a metallic holder that secures to the back of car and can be lit with an array of LED lights. The P-plate holder increases road safety and has the added benefit that a group of friends can have matching colours, which I think is pretty cool.     


Marco Balverde 


My Major work was inspired by my love of dogs. I wanted to create something that I could use, I wanted to create something that would also serve as a gift for my auntie and uncle, so I created a dog bed for their French bulldog “Rosie.” However, I needed to come up with a solution that it could solve, so it was designed in a way in which it was lifted off the air to be able to create better circulation for the dog, to air out any unwanted smells, as well as creating a storage compartment on each side to be able to store treats, dog toys and more.  


Declan Carroll

Bait Boat 

My major work is simply a small boat that takes out fishing bait further than casting can allow you. Having a hobby of fishing, I have always wanted to catch more and bigger fish. The problem I solved was; catching big fish doesn’t always need to be expensive. Normally you would have to buy either a kayak, boat, or drone which are too expensive for a casual fisherman. My solution has come out to be an easy-to-use, cheap, and versatile bait boat which helps you get bait into deeper water and therefore increase your chances of catching more, and larger fish. 

Enoch Lu 

Project: Keylight 

My project aimed to solve the problem of ‘losing keys’, an issue has become extremely prominent today. The design mimics the mechanics of a hotel keycard system which incentivises individuals to use their keys as an activation chip to turn on their foyer lights. This therefore allows users to know exactly where their keys, negating the issue of losing keys. Throughout the process of design and production, I’d hope to have created a genuine product that will assist in alleviating stressors. 


Oliver Michaeil  

The ‘Steez laces’ are a protection patch for shoelaces whilst skating. Too often I have had to replace my shoes due to wear and tear. In the last 2 year I have gone through 8 pairs of shoes. This has become frustrating as the cost of replacing an entire shoe because of the laces and eyelets that secure the laces, has become too much. Through experimentation of different materials, I settled on a hard-wearing leather that lasts up to a month of continuous use and is easily attached to the shoe. The product has been packaged to buy as a single item or packs of 4.  


Oliver Mullen 

Floodwatch: Flood Notification System 

My Major Work for Design and Technology is a network of sensors, that a user can deploy in their dictated environment that report information on raising water levels and spikes in temperature and humidity, all indications that floodwater has become present. I created this system, as in the floods in early 2022 affected my family’s home. When signs of a flood become present, the user is continually notified every 30 seconds, to keep them informed on the status of the issue, even when they are not present. 


Thomas Murray 

Transportable quarter pipe 

My major project is a transportable quarter pipe built with timber and a steal pipe for coping. This quarter pipe is intended to be transported around by skaters to different street skate spots to gain more speed in short spaces and try new tricks that haven’t been tried before. The quarter pipe has a sturdy frame and is built to last it, skaters will be able to take this anywhere and use it in any situation it can even be used just to practice at home. My project is yet to have the retractable wheels installed, this is due to shipping issues but once they come in they can be easily applied to the quarter pipe. 


Joel Santelli

Versatile Desk 

My Major work was inspired through covid-19. During the pandemic I loved working in my bed and on the floor with blankets and pillows around me, but I would have to prop my laptop and books on my lap. This was uncomfortable for me. This is where I was inspired to create my ‘Versatile Desk’, where I can use it in multiple working environments while maintaining comfort and practicality. 

Nicholas Schuster 

Con’Bean’ient Café 

I was inspired to create my café design as a result of my interest in architecture in addition to cooking. I found that certain buildings seen around Sydney were underutilised and in some instances ‘wasted spaces’, I was inspired to repurpose these buildings giving the community a safe space to get a cup of coffee instead. Throughout my project, I thoroughly enjoyed creating the model as well as designing a suitable marketing plan for my café as although they were difficult at times, they were very engaging and really helped develop my skills as a designer. 

Callum Skinner 

Bar Lock 

This design is made to seamlessly attach onto a barbell or dumbbell in the gym to assist those with physical or neurological disabilities to use equipment in the gym that they wouldn’t have been able to use before. I’ve notices that people, with or without disability, may struggle to use certain gym equipment. This product aims to assist those who struggle by allowing them to use heavy pulling – based equipment by a mechanism that seamlessly attaches and detaches from a bar while remaining comfortable attached top the users wrist.