Design and Technology

Nate  Arena

The Coffee Station is a modern and unique designed coffee table, which provides three main functions. These functions include a Dual USB Charging port, storage box for item management and extra storage space located underneath the table. The table is built from brown finished acacia timber with black metal to accompany it.





Sam Ashman

I have design and constructed an esky box that can both cool and warm food depending on your needs. This product is ideal for tradesmen who at lunchtime may need there food warmed up or just to keep a cold drink.





Jack Crawley

This invention is for any musician who wants to easily store their guitar and any of its accessories.  When you want to use the instrument take it out of its holder and flip the hinge to allow a seat to appear that you can use while playing.







Matthew Felice

The Handi-Cabinet provides wheelchair access to any overhead cabinetry. The inner carriage of the cabinet lowers using a linear actuator and a remote control. This product is ideal for households used by both disabled and able-bodied individuals.




Frank Fitzsimons

Using onboard sensors (lightning, infrared and temperature) the Autonomous Fire Sensor can detect indicators of a fire, sending this data to the internet via a radio connection. From here the data can be monitored real time and notify relevant authorities.




Charlie Jackson

My affordable prosthesis, Niche- Wear, provides amputees in third world countries with the opportunity and access to technology previously thought to be unavailable. Its pin lock design allows different attachments to be swapped out for different activities, meaning it can be customised to the user’s lifestyle. The fibre glass and aluminium deign is extremely durable, creating a well rounded prosthesis fit for use in tough environments.






David Jelovic

When thinking about what I should make for a major project I knew the
best idea would come naturally, so during one lesson I noticed I didn’t have much space on my table and then it hit me, Desk Extender. The purpose of this project is to allow more space on your table when studying or working.



Thomas Kennedy

The Smart Mirror display useful information that assist people with their daily life. The Mirror uses a monitor place behind two-way reflective film to show, this allows the mirror to work as a normal mirror while displaying information such as the time, date & weather.




Luke Petitto

The ANGLR is an angle guide for cutting, sanding,

measuring etc, it uses magnets to easily detach and attach itself back together. Previously measuring angle was limited to the user’s ability, but now anyone can use the ANGLR and eliminate the chance of making a mistake when working with angles. the ANGLR is ideal for labourers, the average DIY job and anyone having to work with angles, its fluorescent orange colour helps it stand out when on the job and in case of losing the pieces.



Brad Power

I have created and developed a ‘Smart Bike Safety Device,’ that consists of 3 components: A safety vest with indicators, a live feed camera glasses attachment and handlebar attachment. The device aims to provide the cyclist with a live feed view of their rear, reflected in their eyesight to increase the user’s safety on Australian roads.



James Power

I designed and created a device and app that will help users to locate and identify parking that is appropriate for the needs of the user. The Device with the app gives real time parking availability along with other useful features that also may be required when locating parking spaces. The device has been developed to work in both parking structures and street parking.





Oliver Robson

There are many unused cabins located around urban and rural areas. This kit bathroom can be retrofitted onto any cabin to provide water storage, plumbing and waste recycling. This prefabricated bathroom that significantly reduces the continuing expenditures associated with water costs. The bathroom features an isolated water system innovation to alter the concurrent monthly costs. The modern design should decrease expenses in the expensive Sydney neighbourhoods.


Reece Williams

For my Major Design Project I created a product that solves the need for increased security of items stored inside soft shell shelters such as tents. My product ‘TentGuard’ incorporates motion sensing and magnetic zipper monitoring to detect the presence of an intruder, in doing so it activates an audible alarm and wirelessly notifies the user at a range up to 10Km. TentGuard protects belongings whilst giving the user piece of mind, enabling them to enjoy activities away from the campsite.