Professor Christopher A Myrick Class of 1987

Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology University of Colorado USA

Chris Myrick graduated from St Pius X College in 1987 and lives in America. He visited Australia in 2018 and caught up with a number of his friends from his time at the college. Chris says the Snowy Mountain hike still remains one of his favourite memories of his times in Australia.


Chris said of his career: I have been enjoying a really neat career – I took my love of fish and biology {Mr. McGinnity would likely call it an obsession) and found a job where I could immerse myself in teaching about fish, doing research on fish, and generally avoiding what I like to call “the real world” … all the while interacting with people who also share an interest in fisheries conservation and management. Colorado is a great place to work . . . The really good thing about the position is that I get to teach about fish – I would have never thought I’d enjoy teaching, but I had an opportunity to help teach a senior-level fish ecology course when I was still an undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley and discovered that I not only had an aptitude for teaching, but that it was also more thrilling than even fisheries research. These days I’m forced to teach online because we are under a stay-at-home order, and I fear I might be doing my worst teaching ever, mainly because I don’t have the luxury of being able to interact with my students in realtime and also I’ve had to drop all of the hands-on exercises and excursions that would normally be underway in my Aquaculture and Fish Physiology courses.

Sean Brannan Class of 1986

Sean Brannan (right) receiving his Award

Sean Brannan is the Assistant Principal Pastoral Care at St Pius X College. He was presented with the EREA National Award in 2019 for the Touchstone of Inclusive Community for his extraordinary service to Edmund Rice Education for the benefit of the students, families and staff of the College and the benefit of all the Edmund Rice Community. Mr Brannan has been a teacher at the College for over 20 years and exemplifies the College’s commitment to a holistic education integrating faith with culture and learning.
He was acknowledged for his  dedication and commitment to students at risk and in need, his continual drive and generosity, and his commitment to inclusivity and social
justice. Mr Brannan acknowledged the impact that the Christian Brothers had on him during his own school days whilst attending the College and said he dedicates his service in a similar way. Congratulations to Mr Brannan, a true community builder and inspirational leader.