Tips for the Safe Use of Technology

All students are introduced to our Guiding Principles for the use of Technology which outlines our expectations for all of the College community when using technology.

These principles are displayed in every classroom and are our reference point for managing our student’s digital lives. Assisting our young people to manage technology is a challenge, but it is something we must work on together to keep them safe. This is the challenge for many parents at present with the arrival of a highly connected mobile device to homes.

All students issued with a PLD receive a comprehensive Induction Program that emphasises the expectation that the PLD is provided to them by the College for the primary purpose of learning. While we can filter, block, uninstall and perform other “big brother” monitoring while the device is at the College, the best form of protection involves regular parent review of student devices (including mobile phones that are generally not monitored).

The following tips that may assist parents in managing PLDs at home:

  • Set very clear expectations and enforce them.
  • Develop an on-line family contract that is signed by all family members. Outline clearly the “do’s and don’ts” of technology use and pin it to the fridge! This helps open the communication channels about screen hygiene and means that cyber safety is not a secret.
  • Check the apps downloaded by your son and ask your son about his file management.
  • Monitor and supervise your son’s usage regularly. Discuss his school work and review it on the PLD.
  • All technology and PLDs should be used in family areas and never in the bedroom.
  • Check the filtering system of your home network. Are your connected wireless devices being filtered? If possible, turn off or unplug your wireless router at bed time.
  • Review the College’s website about the basics of the PLD and how it works so that you are informed.
  • Ask your son when you sign his diary whether he has backed up important files or assignments.