2023 Microfiction Book

Tiny Tales Stunning Stories.

The 2023 St. Pius X College Microfiction Book is out now and can be viewed below.

This is a competition that celebrates brevity and brilliance in equal measure. Students were challenged to compose an original story of no more than 100 words, with the inclusion of specified actions and words.
The first round saw over 300 student entries from across every year group. Of these entries, 25 were chosen for the final round, which was a live event held at school.
Below is a collection of some of those stories – an anthology of student and teacher writing, complemented by student illustrations commissioned by the Visual Arts Department.

Congratulations to our freshly published authors and artists!

The prompts for each round are below:
First Round
Required Word – “Blossom”
Required Action – “Skipping”

Final Round
Required Word – “Illuminate”
Required Action – “Craft”



Microfiction Book 2023