2021 HSC Showcase nomininations

Congratulations to the following St Pius X College students who have been nominated for their 2021 HSC major works:

  • Ben Giles for HSC Music showcase ‘Encore’
  • Alex Ramsbottom for HSC Drama showcase ‘OnStage’
  • Reece Williams for HSC Design and Technology showcase ‘Shape’
  • Thomas Cooper for HSC Industrial Technology showcase ‘InTech’

In order to be nominated successful students must achieve a level of Band 6, which is at least 90% or above.


The students works can be viewed below.

Benjamin Giles – Caravan





Alec Ramsbottom: Oscar from The Odd Couple by Neil Simon

The plot concerns two mismatched roommates: the neat, uptight Felix Ungar and the slovenly, easy going Oscar Madison. The monologue explores fatherhood, responsibilities and marriage, as Oscar struggles to come to terms with his broken relationships and lifestyle.






Tom Cooper – Timber Stereo Console

Tom’s stereo console is constructed with Tasmanian Blackwood and Blackbutt, designed for use with a record player and other related stereo components.








Reece Williams – TentGuard

Reece created a product that solves the need for increased security of items stored inside soft shell shelters such as tents. His product ‘TentGuard’ incorporates motion sensing and magnetic zipper monitoring to detect the presence of an intruder, in doing so it activates an audible alarm and wirelessly notifies the user at a range up to 10Km. TentGuard protects belongings whilst giving the user piece of mind, enabling them to enjoy activities away from the campsite.