Industrial Technology


Oliver Aylmer

Poker Table

Dark Red felt top.

A hexagonal multi-purpose poker table to be used at home for poker nights that comfortably sits in the entertainment area at home.

Samuel Cameron

Poker Table
Dark Blue felt top

David Carr

Poker Table
Light Red felt top.

Poker table to be used for recreational use that looks aesthetic and is multi functional. The table has an original hint to it in terms of construction and is built so that my friends and I could enjoy playing poker and other various games on a genuine poker table. I included many features from my design research, taking inspiration from a variety of sources to construct this table.

Ethan Griffin

Small Decorative Jewellery Box Made from A Queensland Walnut Dovetail Box on a Curved and lifted Australian Blackwood base, with the Carcass surrounded by a Decorative American White Oak Mitre, all under a Queensland Walnut and American White Oak Loose Tongue and Groove Lid. The Lid and Carcass are held together by small brass hinges, with a Zinc and Aluminium lid stay to add further support.

Samuel Holm

Small Bed Desk

Liam Hunt

Reclaimed Timber Bedside Cabinet

Made out of recycled Oregon timber pulled from a client’s front veranda.

Patrick Lee

Jewellery Box

I have chosen this project because I enjoy creating small, detailed jewellery boxes.



Leonardo Martin

Inlayed Jewellery Box

Joseph Mowad

Small Wall Cabinet

Logan Nicey

American Oak Bench Seat

Low cabinet with two drawers on the left side
Bench seat for the end  of a queen sized bed. Whilst it is a functional and practical piece of furniture, I wanted it to be bespoke, asymmetrical in appearance and display a high-quality finish.

Angus Paterson

American Oak Bedside Table with a small drawer

Oliver Pegus

Water Ski

Sleek looking black carbon-fibre surfaced water ski.

Alexander Pelle

Glass Top Jewellery Cabinet

Designed for anyone at home and myself to use and store anything and keep it safe.

Tomas Ribas

Tasmanian Oak Bedside Cabinet with a small drawer and storage section.

Max Roberts

Unique Bookshelf

I like to read books and I needed somewhere to put all my books

William Robinson

Sculptural Bookshelf

I constructed a spiral bookshelf to replace my Ikea bookshelf in my bedroom. I used walnut timber due to the vibrant colours especially after applying finish. I also added strips of opposite grain walnut on each side panel which is able to break up the grain and create a unique look.

Charlie Sharp

American Oak Coffee Table – two teered with a draw that can be accessed from both sides of the table.


Jaiden Speter

Tasmanian Oak Bedside Cabinet