National Reconciliation Week (NRW) prompts deep reflection on our shared histories and the pivotal role each individual plays in advancing reconciliation.  On May 29, 2024 the St Pius X community celebrated this imperative with a captivating corroboree led by Jessy Curry and Nulungu Dreaming .  This also marked a decade since the introduction of the Reconciliation Jersey.

Following these commemorations, St Pius X College students immersed themselves in cultural workshops, enriching their understanding of First Nations culture through traditional song, dance, and storytelling. The 2024 theme, “Now more than ever,” resonates profoundly, emphasizing the perpetual urgency of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights through vital actions like truth-telling, education, and fostering meaningful connections. This underscores the indispensable values of respect and transformation in our ongoing journey towards reconciliation at St Pius X College.


As a community, we are  committed to listening to challenging truths of the past so that we as a Catholic community dedicated to justice and solidarity, can ensure that we honour our call to be the hands and feet of Christ; dedicated to forging a future of hope and equity in the spirit of accompaniment; moving forward as one mob.