Health and Safety

Screen hygiene is important for users of all computer devices, including PLDs.

Here are some health and safety recommendations:

  • Where possible ensure that your home study area is appropriately set up;
  • Where PLD usage exceeds 30 minutes of continual work, take short rest breaks of
  • 5 minutes for every 30 minutes of work, and use stretching techniques to alleviate muscle soreness and maintain flexibility;
  • Ensure that lighting is appropriate and reflections and sun glare are reduced;
  • Enlarge the text size, zoom in or change the contrast or brightness for better viewing;
  • Maintain a comfortable viewing distance from your screen;
  • Wherever possible, use the keyboard dock and keyboard;
  • Ensure that cables do not cause a trip hazard especially when charging;
  • Attempt to keep sound levels from earphones to a minimum to prevent excessive noise exposure;
  • Attempt to keep elbows close to the body whilst operating the PLD;
  • Keep your head and neck in a relaxed posture and avoid excessive neck flexion or rotation;

Ensure that the PLD is turned off when not in use and is appropriately stored; and

Report any wear and tear to the charging cords.